Client Work// Elite Blendz

I finally got a chance to print some 3color work shirts for the guys over at Elite Blendz. The front was a single color (small pocket) print and a three color (full) print on the back. Of course there wasnt much of my artwork that went into it being that it was of their own logo, but on the front I wanted the front lettering to be reminiscent of a hand style marker feel. 

The guys, Calvin and Sir (that's his government issued name), over at Elite Blendz have been friends of mine for some time now and them setting out and getting their own space/barbershop was a really big inspiration to me in doing the same. They helped out (along with Sir's wife) immensely with the necessary steps in getting started in the beginning. "Each one, teach one" as the book of Wu Tang - 36 Chambers says... wait, or was that from somewhere else? Lol. 

Pierrce McKnightComment