OSC// 52 Weeks Later...



Fifty Two weeks ago (or 'a year ago' for those of who still count on your fingers) I would come here to 4614 Macklind Ave on my lunch breaks from work to build, stain, spray paint, sand, and decorate what was to become Onetime Supply Co. My lovely girlfriend ("my gwife" as I call her) and her lovely children *insert long exaggerated eye roll* (lol--jokes), and my dad all came together to help me piece together this dream that I had been cultivating for years. 

I came in with my head held high to embark on an adventure knowing full well what was on the line and that I'd run into a lot of trouble getting it where it needed to be as a business. Im happy, though, over joyed really, but I know it has been and is going to be a constant grind to keep moving ahead. The past year+ has been by far some of the most trying times of my life to date, but they've also been some of the most uplifting and fulfilling times too. It is and has been fun though, watching it grow slowly but surely--for what it's worth; and I cant say I regret anything.

Without exaggeration "being able to support myself doing what I love" has been my only wish for the past 10years for every birthday cake candle I have blown out, every coin that I've thrown into a fountain, and every satellite/ UFO that's remotely resembled a "shooting star" that I've seen in the night-sky. 

I've learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. Things have been hard and may get harder but like I say--Im in for the long haul, and I'm thankful for every person that's ever supported me: from the person that's never stepped foot in Onetime Supply Co. but has simply "liked" any of my posts, to those that believed in me enough to handle printing for them. 

You're all appreciated more than you'll ever know. 


Pierrce McK.

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