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Hello — all the Veteran Affairs employees and patrons, 

I made this short blog post to provide a link to get you back to the Veteran Affairs catalogue for apparel if you got turned around(Or click _here).

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or call!

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Client Work// Black Women Over Breathing

"Black Women Over Breathing is a very simple concept: Black Women are important." This movement was made popular by Adrian O. Walker -- a photographer and artist from North St. Louis (currently residing in Oakland, California) whose made quite the name for himself. Adrian has been a part of multiple exhibitions with Scholastic Chess Center (in CWE) and has most recently helmed and curated the self titled Black Women Over Breathing exhibition in the Urban Arts Center in the heart of Old North St. Louis.

Over the past few months, Adrian has commissioned me to print the Black Women Over Breathing design in multiple styles and colors to help push the movement forward. We've played with a wide range of different textures from shiny black ink on a white garment to matte black ink on a black garment. We're constantly working together to choose the next garment styles for retail on his website.

Client Work// Fontbonne University, GULU 2017

This project was prompted by Fontbonne's Campus Ministry and Service Diversity & Social Justice program directors for their 2017 Gulu Immersion project. The project's mission is to provide students an educational experience with an opportunity to put them into the world to learn more deeply the values of justice, solidarity, simplicity, self-identity, and vocation. The image itself was custom calligraphy drawn by [ig: @clairegcalligraphy], which turned out to be a single color front and a single color back print order.

Initially, I was worried about how much detail was going to come out of the small print of the Fontbonne logo on front but it turned out great. The "Columbia blue" shirt color was a great choice; it compliments the design very well.

About// On Printed Tags

Since I began my journey in screen printing, I’ve always been in a mindset of learning from the perspective of printing apparel for retail. More specifically—I aim more for finesse, clean lines, and good texture. It’s no secret that Im approached by and speak to clients wishing to begin or continue their own clothing lines for themselves but I often seem to forget about this service option that would be wildly relevant: screen printed tags. 

Most of the time I design them based off of what ever information or design is required to be included in the tag, but there are instances where the client feels comfortable enough to design the tag themselves. Being knowledge about some of the many intricacies that go into screen printing size tags is important for any professional providing the solution, such as: suggested ink color, ink viscosity, stroke pressure, verbiage, and proper placement. To say that I've "mastered it" would be quite pretentious of me, but I have a pretty good handle of the best  practices and what to avoid. 

OSC// Greater St. Louis Map

For EXACTLY a year and a half today (I have all the old files, I checked), I'd been working on and off on a large scale map of St. Louis. I cant begin to express the time and effort it took to drop in all the streets, street names, lakes, rivers, and points of interest that I decided to feature on the map. I wanted something that was going to encompass (no pun) every nook and cranny that citizens of the "Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area" considered when it came to this city-- my home, both formally and informally. I skewered through many different atlas' of St. Louis making sure I didnt miss anything, though I found myself adding small neighborhood parks, rivers, and points of interest that werent added in other professional data bases and fine crafted atlases.

I must admit that the Greater St. Louis Map will indefinitely be a constant work in progress as I continue to fine tweak small details and add more landforms in the future. 

The map was created and fitted to the dimensions of 55" x 34" but a smaller reduced size that works better for matting and framing is available at 36" x 24".

Shop-- Greater St. Louis Map: _Here.

Client Work// Hope Dealer: Sober is Gangsta

The crew over at Hope Dealer Ministries is easily one of my most loyal and faithful clients (no disrespect to anyone). Repetition wise, I've probably printed more for them than I have for myself (and probably) including product for Onetime Supply Co. The design here: Sober is Gangsta is one of their most popular designs. We've redesigned and printed it time and time again--and this time is no different. The unique thing about this project is that it was printed on camouflage textile and to most people that wouldnt mean much. Without getting into too much printer 'mumbo jumbo' lets just say us printers know how difficult it could be. The problems occur typically during the drying process (if it gets too hot) the dye in the shirt will begin to seep into the printed ink and discolor it. This is called "dye migration".

For this project, what I did was printed with special inks that blocks much of the migration and dried the shirts for a shorter period of time. Again, it's all technique but the shirts came out great! I love the little splash of orange that we put in there, it really makes the design pop.