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They're finally done. All the size tags have been finished and applied, eyelets inserted, logo tags sewn in, flip-folded, wrapped, and story tags tucked. This 2part installment is about Edward Teach, a man better known by his cognomen, Blackbeard.

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Not much is known about Edward Teach (whose surname will likely also be largely unknown) before he became known as the infamous BlackBeard. Some say he was born in a small town on the south west end of England around 1680. His moniker "Blackbeard" which stemmed from his thick beard and intimidating presence. His track record of piracy quickly spread throughout the surrounding areas of him being so fearsome that often times he didn't even HAVE to fight due to the fact that his enemies surrender out of fear. Whether or not he kept lit fuses under his hat is also unknown but the thought also kept his image and legacy shrouded in mysterious fear.

During Blackbeard's residence with the crew of Benjamin Hornigold (another pirate of the 18th century), Blackbeard acquired the reigns to his own ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. It was a 300-ton slave ship built by the English to transport slaves, and subsequently captured by the French and thus modified to hold more 'cargo'. BlackBeard named the ferocious fighter Christopher Blackwood (who later became known as Blackbeard's Claw) to be first mate. Eventually Blackbeard attracted the negative attention of the Governor or Virginia who sent for sailors to seize his capture. Through this charter Blackbeard was killed November 22, 1718 by a group of sailors led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard.

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