Rocky Horror Picture Show *SOLD OUT*

So the same night of the world series I had to rush back to The Loop to catch The Rocky Horror Picture Show screening at the Tivoli. Even WITH the world series that most recently ended, the show was STILL sold out! Fans lined up half a block to three quarters of a block down the strip. My friends warned me that it was quite a show, and man... WAS IT. I got fully into it. They drew a V in lipstick on my head to let everyone know that it was my first RHPS viewing in a theater, (short for virgin). I got groped and heckled by fans dressed like transvestites from the movie, and bought a prop bag that included things like a water gun, rice, and toilet paper which we threw around the theatre at certain points in the movie. Not to mention there was a live cast in the front of the theatre--pantomiming every scene including costume changes and dances.

It was by FAR the BEST theatre experience I'd ever had and probably ever will. Hopefully they bring it back in spring like they said they might!

Pierrce McKnight