Client Work// Explosion FA: 2017

This was another large order round for the youth football club, Explosion Flight Academy. Similar to last year many of the printed images had to be re-illustrated to get the proper look for the printed garments. Most of the printing was done on 100% polyester or straight out spandex blend garments. Except this year we printed full area down the pant leg of sweatpants--2colors on one leg, and 3colors on the other leg. Pulled a few all-nighters to get the order complete but, as usual they came out looking great.

Client Work// 'Two Less Fish'

My client shared with me a design she wanted printed on koozies. I was able to render it and print them on a plethora of different color koozies for her within a strict window due to a deadline. She told me that they were to be going out of the country to a small intimate area in Akumal, Mexico for her friend's wedding. We were both pleased with the detail that I was able to get out of the small image and on to the koozies. This was a single color front single color front print done as a personal order with custom mixed coral color ink.

Client Work// OSSA: Wizards

Similar to the projects done for Bayless (High/Jr. School) Bands--I was tasked with creating a catalogue with an array of designs for the Ozzie Smith's Sport's Association: Baseball team--the Wizards. On top of putting the designs together a separate online pages was carved out and created for patrons of the teams to order from. This catalogue featured designs for adults, women, and youth individually.

This was a fun project to work on being that it was my first fully functioning online catalogue. We were able to collect the orders online, list them, print them, and get them to the respective individuals once they were/are completed. I've gotten noting but positive responses from the the inner workings of this method being that as issues arise, the problems are solved quite promptly. 

Client Work// Contemporary Art Museum (STL)

This was a fun project for Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis--particularly so because I got to work with my good friends over at Work/Play. The design duo ended up putting their touch on the graphic side of things and handed over the reigns for me to work my print magic. What's great about working with them is that back before I submerged myself in the world of screen printing, they were printing before I was but focused more on the art centric/print (paper) side of the trade. 

Other than that, this was a commissioned project for CAM as merchandise for their gift shop. As I've stated before--the artwork was done by Work/Play but the printing was completed in-house. The project also called for me to mix inks to achieve a pale peach pantone color. This was a (full) single color front print with a (label) print on the back of very comfortable crewneck sweatshirts.

I believe these garments can be purchased directly in CAM's gift shop and possibly through their online store. 

OSSA: Wizards // Catalogue

Hello to all the Wizards baseball team members and patrons, 

I made this short blog post to provide a link to get you back to the OSSA: Wizards catalogue page. Please feel free to email or call (314.287.9966) with any questions you may have!

Best regards,


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