Client Work// Trader Joe's

Occassionally, I fall into this perfect synergy with a client where we're constantly in communication on situations that arise, they're not too over bearing on progress yet still forthcoming with their likes and dislikes on a design, and I'm compensated for my time and effort in a timely fashion. I regularly hear these horror stories of contractors working with larger businesses and the situation going arye in many of the afforementioned areas fairly quickly, and truth be told I kind of expected it working with Traders Joe's being that they're such a huge company, but I couldnt be any more wrong.

The representative (my key contact) from the company was very kind and polite. We spoke almost every day heaving away at this project to make it just right for everyone involved and quickly worked out any situations (the tumultuous many) that came into play. 

Ultimately I was commissioned with creating multiple designs their crew were able to choose and vote from, and also subcontracted embroidery work for their skull caps. The Trader Joe's crew were able to choose from a short catalogue of garments to have printed on (a 3quarter zip fleece, a full zip fleece, and teeshirts) of varying colors. The garments then were printed with a single color print front pocket (Trader Joe's), a single color shoulder print (Crew 692), and a large single color back print of the logo that was voted on/chosen (Logo + Trader Joe's). 

Although this was one of the most technical projects I've done to date, it was one of my favorite to have worked on being that it went so smoothly. Cheer to the Trader Joe's team, Crew 692! Thanks for everything. (Special thanks to my very good friend Suzie aka "Matzoball Soup" for setting up the initial contact.)