Team Tough Titties (2012)

A year ago I got a call from a friend who was a mutual friends/relatives with someone wanting to have a rather small number of breast cancer shirts designed and printed for their “Susan Komen: Race for a Cure” run/walk team. We agreed upon everything and I completed the project for the client and come to find out, the shirts were a big hit at the event. From there we parted ways under the agreement that I’d do their shirts and walk with them next time for 2012.

Fast forward to this year and everything went according to plan. This time I got see first hand what the hubbub was about. There were thousands upon thousands of people pouring into the streets running/walking for the same cause and everyone was in incredibly positive spirits. We walked, joked, sang, danced, moonwalked, skipped, walked like an egyptian, and swam through firetruck water spouts in the name of breast cancer awareness and had the grandest time doing it. Granted we got a tad late start due to the event holders moving the starting line from it’s original place from last year, but we finished the race in some 2mins 18seconds and 30 milisecond-thingys! (wait…. NO? thats not right? -__- kk…) so maybe it was 2HOURS and 18MINUTES and 30SECONDS, but hey, we did so with style. I cant wait for next year when I… the IT Specialist/ Shirt Guy/ Pimp My Ride/ Super Soakerer get a chance to deliver on all the ideas we came up with this year!