Client Work// Hope Dealer: Sober is Gangsta


The crew over at Hope Dealer Ministries is easily one of my most loyal and faithful clients (no disrespect to anyone). Repetition wise, I've probably printed more for them than I have for myself (and probably) including product for Onetime Supply Co. The design here: Sober is Gangsta is one of their most popular designs. We've redesigned and printed it time and time again--and this time is no different. The unique thing about this project is that it was printed on camouflage textile and to most people that wouldnt mean much. Without getting into too much printer 'mumbo jumbo' lets just say us printers know how difficult it could be. The problems occur typically during the drying process (if it gets too hot) the dye in the shirt will begin to seep into the printed ink and discolor it. This is called "dye migration".

For this project, what I did was printed with special inks that blocks much of the migration and dried the shirts for a shorter period of time. Again, it's all technique but the shirts came out great! I love the little splash of orange that we put in there, it really makes the design pop.