#BlackLivesMatter (Print)

#BlackLivesMatter (Print)


Print features Onetime Supply Co designed “Black Lives Matter” image within themed composition.

Poster by "Onetime Supply Co." (13” x 19”). Digitally printed piece — full color on HD luster photopaper. Designed and cropped specifically to fit stock *matting within 24” x 36” picture *frames (*items sold separately).

Design Story:
#BlackLivesMatter was created as a platform to speak about some of the shared experiences and amplify the concerns of Blacks in America. The movement was cultivated following the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and further solidified during protests that began after Michael Brown Jr’s death in 2014—in Ferguson, Missouri. These subsequent protest echoed heavy criticism of law enforcement’s conduct and (governing) systemic bias on a racial level. Criticism of the #BlackLivesMatter movement questions more of the integrity of a citizen on an individual basis, and moreover with blanketed trust of confidence in the jobs of police. 

©2017 Onetime Supply Co. 

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