Stay Gold

Stay Gold

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Short sleeve t-shirt, "Stay Gold" print.

4.3oz., 100% combed ringspun cotton t-shirt. 

Size Chart:
Small: Chest (19"), Length (28").
Medium: Chest (20½"), Length (29").
Large: Chest (22"), Length (30").
XLarge: Chest (24"), Length (31").
XXLarge: Chest (26"), Length (32").

Design Story: S. E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” is a book written for the adolescent demograph that unabashedly refers to the contrast between the upper and lower class. The story follows Ponyboy Curtis who ends up constantly in the middle of fights between the impoverished “Greasers” and the upper class “Socs”. Through Ponyboy’s harsh reality surrounded by profanity, drugs, alcohol, and run-ins with law enforcement — it’s the dying words of his best friend, Johnny, who tells him to “stay gold, Ponyboy”. A statement that implies that even though he struggles with fitting in with both society and with his own immediate group of friends— the things that make him odd are the very same qualities that make him unique, and he should never try to change that.

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