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Client Work// Contemporary Art Museum (STL)

This was a fun project for Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis--particularly so because I got to work with my good friends over at Work/Play. The design duo ended up putting their touch on the graphic side of things and handed over the reigns for me to work my print magic. What's great about working with them is that back before I submerged myself in the world of screen printing, they were printing before I was but focused more on the art centric/print (paper) side of the trade. 

Other than that, this was a commissioned project for CAM as merchandise for their gift shop. As I've stated before--the artwork was done by Work/Play but the printing was completed in-house. The project also called for me to mix inks to achieve a pale peach pantone color. This was a (full) single color front print with a (label) print on the back of very comfortable crewneck sweatshirts.

I believe these garments can be purchased directly in CAM's gift shop and possibly through their online store. 

Client Work// HFF Crossfit

This was a unique order being that the design was done by one of my friends for HFF Crossfit and I was commissioned to print the garments which ranged from racerback tanks, tee shirts, and some 1/4zip polyester workout sweats. Much like the Explosion Sports Academy order--the ink for the sweats had to be mixed to reduce bleeding, not burn during the drying process, and retain it's color vibrancy. They came out great. 

Client Work// Explosion FA: 2016

This was an order for an Adult-Youth football club where many of the printed images had to be re-illustrated to get the proper look for the printed garments. Usually a garments that are 100% polyester or spandex are a nightmare for screen-printers, and this was my first time using ink additive to make the dried ink extra stretchy and flexible for the garments, but I managed to pull it together. Not only that but it was also my first time printing individual numbers on every other garment, I must admit--THAT was pretty tedious, but the overall project come out superb. The coach was really happy with the outcome. 

Client Work// Trader Joe's II

This was a new round of orders for the Trader Joes team in Brentwood, whereas the initial order can be found --here. This was a catalogue order where individuals were able to order garments/ styles/ colors from an order form which were collected and printed and distributed back to them. I worked pretty close with management there with full transparency to get the order complete with full confidence and efficiency. These were mostly hoodies, but some of the other garments were tee shirts and beanie caps. 

Client Work// Team Marxkors

I was commissioned to print this design for a friend of a friend. I believe the occassion for the shirt was for a lung cancer walk in honor of a Mrs. Kim Marxkors (rest in power). The print was a simple single color front/ single color back design. 

Client Work// Family Care Health Cntrs

This was a unique print for the "Family Care Health Centers" umbrella. They tapped me a while back to do a rather large run of long sleeve shirts that (they felt) wanted to have similar design aspects of the Strong Towns tee shirt. The rather unique portion of this project was that they wanted the full sha-bang--and by that I mean they were interested in the eyelets, as well as the Onetime tag at the bottom of every garment. It took quite a while to put together but we made it through. 

This project was rather fun to work on and made me feel special that they actually asked to have a bunch of my unique personal design aspects incorporated in their assignment. Very nice folks over there at Family Care Health Centers umbrella. We had a very productive partnership.