OSC// Mahogany iPhone5 Case

With my preorder and first day purchase of the iPhone 5, I knew from day one what case I wanted (as a side note: shout out to all those who feel like ‘they dont need a case’ -__- riiiiiiiight). There was this case company that I’ve been eyeing for some time, maybe since the iPhone 4 released, that I said, “When I buy my first [personal] iPhone–I want THAT one.” One or two years plus one iPhone 5 purchase later, I pulled the trigger. I converted my funds into Euros and waited maybe 6weeks. This is what showed up at my doorstep.

I designed a Onetime logo that would stand the test of time and fit the case perfectly. Aside from the wait and a few exterior cuts I personally disagree with, I love my Miniot purchase. It fits my personal style perfectly (I have a weakness for light mixed concrete with a smooth finish and dark stained wood [mahogany]…) My wood iPhone 5 case is a head turner everywhere I go, and I cant wait to see how it distresses.


Pierrce McKnightComment