Wise words from @JeffStaple

One of my biggest inspirations has to be Jeff Staple. His story is similar to mine being that he started with one or two shirts and built a brand out of it because he simply believed he could do it. His brand, Staple, has been around for more than a decade and is still going strong with grassroots beginnings and a mindful eye on it's direction.

I came across this quote from Jeff Staple on Twitter just a bit ago that's very thoughtful.

Young creatives have to really understand the concept of time. I’ve been doing design for 18 years. My retail store has been open for 11 years. Success, in whatever form, takes time. A lot of young people that I talk to, maybe because they grew up on the Internet, are stuck with the idea that if you post a YouTube video and it doesn’t get a million likes, it sucks. If you love the process, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes. If you love what you do every day, I would want it to take longer, because then you can continue to do it every day.
— @JeffStaple

Staple Pigeon || @JeffStaple (Twitter account)

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