Welcome to the Neighborhood


I was invited out by, Nhat, the owner of The Copper Pig to his 'Neighborhood Welcoming/Thanks' event that he threw October 24th. It was an open house event were some were invited to check out the space which is a new addition to the neighborhood. When he stopped by to introduce himself several months ago we spoke briefly about his vision for the space, and we spoke about how we have similar styles. The verbal explanation of the space was an understatement compared to seeing it in person. The use of reclaimed wood, exposed brick, the incorporation of Urban Matter's nude light fixtures (my explanation--not theirs), and the copper bar-top are all nice touches.

To those not in the know--The Copper Pig (located across the street from Onetime Supply Co.) is a gastropub that will focus on serving the very best of Japanese street foods. They're not quite open yet but I look forward to Nhat opening the doors pretty soon--as he's been working on the space for quite some time now.

What a nice addition to SoHa. Cheers to new neighbors!

Pierrce McKnightComment