Team Tough Titties (2013)

June 15th, fresh back from vacation to DC and the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Walk is here. All the shirts were done and given to each respective attendant of “Team Tough Titties” and Mindy (our team’s celebrated breast cancer survivor) was in full party mode. It’s funny to see our group of walkers for Team Tough Titties get larger and larger. Along with Mindy’s family and friends–came friends all the way from the middle east; and accompanying me was my mildly large family.

The 3.5mile walk was fun as it always is. We were practically tired from the bags and bags of free promo items we received immediately before the race, but we made it in some 2hours and 30mins. I honestly can’t wait for next year’s race, I’m going to try to make year 6 the biggest and best one yet.

Thanks to everyone who came out and everyone who supported Team Tough Titties. Very special thanks to Mindy for the opportunity to work on the project, and congratulations on being a 5year survivor! Cheers!