OSC// "A Beautiful Mess" (Reception Event Recap)

Here are a few shots from the opening reception of "A Beautiful Mess". The set up of the show went fairly smooth (a few hiccups but nothing major) and the turnout was pretty good. For me it was weird having a store full of people that I didnt know, but I had an amazing time familiarizing them with myself and what we do here at Onetime Supply Co. If you ended up missing the opening reception for the event--just know that "A Beautiful Mess" will continue to run through until July 11th, and there are still prints and wall pieces for sale. 

Other than that I want to thank everyone that did make it out to the event. I hope you had a lot of fun because Steve and myself definitely did. And I must add that STLDK put on an amazing showcase together. Thanks again. ‪#‎OneLove‬