October 29, 2009


It has just come to my attention that 6years ago today, Sir and myself, scrounged up what small resources we had a made a go of putting together a "Hair and Fashion Showcase". This was back when I still mainly customized shoes (the yellow and black Nikes pictured on the right) and only dabbled in "clothing design". I mean I was still going by the name "TLDesignz". We were so excited though--we thought that was it for us, we were on top of the world. Lol. 

I remember standing and waiting outside with him after bars and clubs let out to hand flyers to people leaving. I think we put flyers in people's car windows and ranted and raved about it day in and day out on FB. We had our DJ, entertainment artist, all of our models, and family/friends that helped us with the details (Joice and Aisha). We got the green light to use The Loft which holds maybe 2-3hundred people and we stopped "advertising" because we thought we were going to be over booked. When it was all said and done we had MAYBE 30 people show up (including our family).

But I say all that to say this: after all that we never looked at it as a "failure". We were legitimately proud of ourselves, but more importantly we stayed focused and driven. If you wouldve asked us then where would we be 5years later, we wouldve never known that we'd be where we are now--him with his barbershop, Elite Blendz, and me with my studio, Onetime Supply Co. 

Pierrce McKnight1 Comment