Menswear = Weird/ Boring?


I was readind this article on Selectism today and it struck me as interesting being that I own/run a 'menswear' retail area. The article spoke about in comparison to womenswear which can be a number of different adjectives like fabulous, provocative, playful, fun, fancy, breathtaking, and gorgeous--compared to menswear which, to some, can only be seen as weird or boring. While I can't particularly agree with the "weird or boring" statement I do find it--as most would--that menswear can be a bit systematic in the way that theres only so much that can be done, but I simply think that subtle additives whether it be accessories or a particular piece of attire can really do wonders in setting one's self apart from others and express a valiant show of fashion know how while staying well below the radar of "mockery" or disdain. 

The article I reference can be read _here

Pierrce McKnightComment