Client Work// The Mack

This is a single color print back with a single color print front for the guys across the street at The Mack. They drop shirts off every now and then for me to print for their staff. The interesting part of this exchange is that the staff members drop off whatever color/ style shirts that purchase (mostly from Target and Marshall's), so that I end up printing all sorts of garments with varying thicknesses and feels and cuts. Rarely if ever do I come out with issues for them though. White ink is applied to the darker garments and black ink is applied to the lighter garments.

October of last year I was tapped by the guys at The Mack to print some Cardinals rally towels. For this order I created an image from scratch that's kind of reminiscent of the "angry birds" typeface/motif to coincide with the cardinals "redbirds" theme. Three hundred and fifty were printed and they MAY have some left over; if you stop by for lunch or dinner--you should ask if they have any more of them left. It's worth a shot. (Pictured below).