Client Work// Contemporary Art Museum (STL)


This was a fun project for Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis--particularly so because I got to work with my good friends over at Work/Play. The design duo ended up putting their touch on the graphic side of things and handed over the reigns for me to work my print magic. What's great about working with them is that back before I submerged myself in the world of screen printing, they were printing before I was but focused more on the art centric/print (paper) side of the trade. 

Other than that, this was a commissioned project for CAM as merchandise for their gift shop. As I've stated before--the artwork was done by Work/Play but the printing was completed in-house. The project also called for me to mix inks to achieve a pale peach pantone color. This was a (full) single color front print with a (label) print on the back of very comfortable crewneck sweatshirts.

I believe these garments can be purchased directly in CAM's gift shop and possibly through their online store.