Client Work// Bayless Boosters (Bands)

This project was very similar to the Trader Joe’s order—but more hands on, I was first tasked with designing a spread of logos and typefaces for The Bayless Boosters organization which they were presented with. After they chose a few designs they liked we worked toward styling and choosing colorways for the products we planned to catalogue. This order was different being that we chose to go with an online only order form to make things more simplistic and easy for buyers to order items, so I created a page completely dedicated to the Bayless Boosters ordering where people were able to browse the different designs as well as place their orders. 

Many of the designs were a single color but patrons had a plethora of different items to chose from between tote bags, jogging pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tee shirts. 

It was quite a process but it was definitely fun watching it all come together.