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OSC// Greater St. Louis Map

For EXACTLY a year and a half today (I have all the old files, I checked), I'd been working on and off on a large scale map of St. Louis. I cant begin to express the time and effort it took to drop in all the streets, street names, lakes, rivers, and points of interest that I decided to feature on the map. I wanted something that was going to encompass (no pun) every nook and cranny that citizens of the "Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area" considered when it came to this city-- my home, both formally and informally. I skewered through many different atlas' of St. Louis making sure I didnt miss anything, though I found myself adding small neighborhood parks, rivers, and points of interest that werent added in other professional data bases and fine crafted atlases.

I must admit that the Greater St. Louis Map will indefinitely be a constant work in progress as I continue to fine tweak small details and add more landforms in the future. 

The map was created and fitted to the dimensions of 55" x 34" but a smaller reduced size that works better for matting and framing is available at 36" x 24".

Shop-- Greater St. Louis Map: _Here.