Cardinals, StLouis, Win.

Friday night was simply crazy. Somehow I ended up downtown searching for my friends. There WAS no cellphone service and there was hardly any place to watch the game. The bars were packed--so much so that most of them were at capacity! So we (what friends I could find--including the new ones I made) found shelter in an in house bar of the Hyatt's hotel lobby. Anywho, When the Cardinals won game 7 of the world series, mass pandaemonium broke out. People flooded the streets with excitement, cars peeled out in the midst of a traffic jam, the stadium popped fireworks that sounded like cannons, people ran in every which direction, people hung out of car sunroofs, many random high fives were given, and the cheering could be heard within a 7-10blocks radius of the whole downtown area. It was amazing!

Just the shear camaraderie that brought StLouis together was amazing. Cheers to the Cardinals, the fans (casual or not), the citizens, and the Rams (*ehem* for now.) Well um-er-uuuuh, is it too early to say let's shoot for 12in12..?

Pierrce McKnight