Client Work// Black Tony Scavenger Hunt

This order was for a client who was very meticulous about some of the detail such as exact shirt colors and designs. It was for a party that called for cohesive color pallets and design work. The client, “Black Tony” and I worked together to achieve his desired result. All teams with specific team colors and all teams had specific logos (my ideas/ design work). Since it was a scavenger hunt GAME, I decided to go with a motif that took on the retro 8-bit feel, featuring images from Donkey Kong, Space Invader, Zelda, and a few I made up along the way. We also worked together to figure out a way to get various colored shirts without having to change ink colors (which would’ve been a pain and thus driven up the price), which we were both happy with the results. Overall, I was tasked with printing this dual color–back, and small single color (above the pocket) order.

As you can see I had fun putting this project together in all.